Running a locksmith business in Blackpool brings many challenges. There is a lot of Locksmiths in Blackpool that advertise as being local but they are indeed national companies who look like they are local but in fact are based in other parts of the United Kingdom, but have numbers that look local. Do a bit of research and get a local locksmith.

When searching for a locksmith and any other trade the best way to ensure you get a local business is to google search and scroll down to the maps section then look for reviews. Us local businesses are always asking for customers to leave reviews as this helps us gain work and try to compete with the big companies. 

These big companies usually work on a 50/50 or 60/40 % split with the locksmith getting the lower end and they charge way more than a local business would and quite often use unskilled locksmiths who will just take a drill to every lock to gain more money from the job. I have seen some horrendous work carried out by unskilled "locksmiths".

It takes many years to hone locksmith skills, I myself am 12 years in and still earning new tricks of the trade, although what would take me an hour or so in the first year or two i can do much quicker. I completed three courses in total in three different locations in the UK and gained an Ncfe accreditation which shows competence and a level of standard needed to do the job to a high standard. But we cant learn everything in a classroom so a lot is self taught by stripping locks and looking for ways to manipulate or pick them open. 

uPVC door locks are by far the easiest to gain entry too, and old wooden doors with mortice locks are the hardest. A lot of locksmiths wont attend failed mortice locks or lost keys due to not practising opening them or reading up on them or opening them up to look inside to study them. I myself love failed mortice locks. They are a challenge but again I have been doing them for 12 years now so its no big deal. Definitely improved my skills over the years putting in the study time. And a grinder is not the way to open them so if you do have a locksmith who gets his grinder out send them packing and search for a better skilled locksmith.

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