Poole's Locksmiths, your Local Locksmith in Blackpool and Fylde Coast was established in 2011/2012. We are Emergency Locksmith and general Locksmith In Blackpool. Specialising in uPvc Wood and Composite.

At the time we had no idea what to call our new business venture so we settled on Poole's, Poole's being our family surname.

We offer our Locksmith services in Blackpool, Lytham Saint Anne's, Fleetwood, and everywhere in between. We also venture out to Garstang and other places with no price inflation.

We carry the latest Locksmith Tools so we can do our job properly, with the right tools it normally does not take long to gain entry or open a failed lock. We also install locks on new doors where as many Locksmiths shy away from this.

We take massive pride in doing Emergency Locksmith work for Blackpool Council, looking after the vulnerable when needed we are always a phone call away. Also being a Local Locksmith we can be on site pretty quickly depending on road traffic or if we are already on a job.

So many Locksmiths fail within 6 months and no matter what you read online the money is poor at the start, they are sold a dream to make them part with there hard earned savings. I was told to build slowly and it would last. I went to basic training in Liverpool, then onto further uPvc training in Bradford and also went to Poole to do an accreditation NCFE Level 3.

Only so much can be learnt doing courses so one had to hone skills out in the field and practice at home. The hardest part of learning was keeping all the new information, skills upstairs, specifically mortice locks, in my opinion the hardest failed lock to open and many locksmiths wont attend a lockout/failed to open mortice sashlock/deadlock. 

Trying to keep local people in touch with Local Locksmiths is hard work, a lot of Locksmith adverts are deceiving, nobody knows who you are and there is a lot of locksmiths advertising, many of whom are not local and charge a lot of money.

I started off working for various large companies and would travel a lot of miles, putting huge strain on my car and van, to the point we have gone through 1 car and three vans. I now only work for myself, this has taken a few years and after some sound advice from another locksmith on the other side of the country three years ago we are self sufficient. Mainly down to reviews on Google, Facebook, Yell and social media adverts, word of mouth is very powerful also. The google ad-words adverts are normally national companies who poach work from local businesses and not just in my trade but all trades so if you need a tradesman do not click the adverts that have AD next to them as 99 percent of the time this will take you to a call center who claim to be local but in fact are not. Even with a local number attached to the advert and website. We can do the same job and offer better customer service at a considerably lower price to you and be fully insured (never needed to call upon insurance but its there for peace of mind to yourselves and us). Also if it says cheap in the advert main tag lines it normally is not, the cost will go up when the jobs completed. Its a ploy to get your attention.

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